May 18 2016

Fascinating Photo of Goats Who Climbed a Tree

Sometimes it takes just one photo that makes you stop whatever you’re doing and stare. “Could this scene be real?,” you ask yourself. I first spotted this image on National Geographic Creative Instagram account and then traced it to the PDN Photo Annual 2016 contest. The funny yet fascinating photograph of goats standing in a tree was taken by photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice. The caption is: “Goats climb an Argan Tree near Marrakesh, Morocco, to eat the Argan nut, from which the popular hair and skin product, Argan oil, is made.” I love how the goats are all spread around, like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Fitzmaurice was one of the winners in the Personal category of the PDN Photo Annual. The contest is a great jumping-point for student and emerging photographers who are looking into breaking into the field of photography. What an excellent capture!


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