May 11 2016

Drone Wedding Photos Show Couples Completely and Beautifully Alone

I just can’t get enough of minimalist photos that have lots of negative space. That must be the reason I’m so drawn to these drone photos by Tahiti-based photographer Helene Havard. “They are together but alone,” she says. As a couple hold hands in the infinite blue sea or lays side by side next to an endless array of palm trees, you get the feeling that at that particular moment, nothing else matters but being together. It’s as if they are the last two people on Earth and they’re enjoying the total and complete solitude.

Havard works in collaboration with Flying World Pictures to capture these breathtaking shots. She instructs the drone operator from the ground. Couples look like, as Feature Shoot put it, “conjoined specks dotting the topography below.” Having spent my own honeymoon in Tahiti, I’m particularly fond of these photos. They take me back to a place I’ll never forget, the turquoise waters are really that blue and the overwater bungalows really are that amazing. It’s like experiencing a completely different world.









Helene Havard’s website
via [Feature Shoot]


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