May 3 2016

Powerful New Figurative Sculptures by Anna Gillespie

How time has flown by! It’s been three and a half years since I first discovered the work of artist Anna Gillespie when I stumbled upon her figurative sculpture Taste the Rain. (It’s still one of favorite sculptures of all time.) Using bark and mixed media, she created a life-size, six-and-a-half foot tall human completely immersed in nature. I was surprised to find out that the piece was part of an ongoing series of work using natural materials that fell from trees like leaves, bark, and acorns. As she told me then, “For this piece, I found the bark in a wood near my home in the south west of England, from a fallen tree. All these works try to express a moment of connection to nature and this particular piece is about trying to draw the viewer into recalling what it feels like to stand out in the rain and engage their senses.”

A few weeks after that post, I wrote another one on her full body of work. That was back in 2012, and since that time, Gillespie has created even more astonishing figurative sculptures. The pieces here were all made with bronze and most of them are as new as last year. She’s now showing a selection of her work in a new exhibition starting May 16 at Beaux Arts in Bath, UK. Makes me want to take a trip out there just to see these in person.

Above: Between The Shores, Bronze Ed. of 9 H:78 x W:85 x D:22cm

L’Enfant, Bronze, Ed. of 6, H:41 x W:24 x D:40cm

Trust, Bronze, Ed. of 6, H:196 x W:68 x D:46cm

Let It Rain, Bronze, Ed. of 6, H:82 x W:28 x D:28cm

The Ties That Bind, Bronze, Ed. of 6, H:47 x W:72 x D:16cm

Rescue Me, Bronze, Ed. of 6, H:105 x W:87 x D:16cm

Dappled Sleep, Bronze, Ed. of 6, H:135 x W:45 x D:36cm

The Waiting, Mixed Media for Bronze, H:47 x W:119 x D:14cm

Let Heaven Go, Bronze, Ed. of 5, H:223 x W:60 x D:60cm


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