May 2 2016

New House Swapping Site for Art and Design Lovers

Relatively new to the home-exchange scene is this site called Behomm (pronounced “be home”) Tired of sifting through tens of thousands entries on other house swapping sites like HomeExchange, Eva Culduch and Agust Juste, both graphic designers, decided to find a niche. Behomm, with 2,100 members, is an invite only home exchange community built just for creatives. (I’m looking at you designers and visual artists.) The home exchange is different than VRBO or Airbnb because it’s a non-commercial transaction where two parties agree to exchange homes for free for a specific amount of time. VRBO, Airbnb, Kid require money to be exchanged.

The catch is that Behomm is invitation only. You can register to be invited either by a friend who’s already on Behomm or by filling out an application. You’ll be asked everything from what kind of creative you are (It’s quite an extensive list, photographers are included as well as design lovers), your work website, the URL of your Linkedin, a description of your professional work. You’ll then be prompted to provide a minimum of six photo of your home’s interior.

Looking through the pictures on Behomm you can’t help dream of living in one of these well-designed abodes. While some are quite minimalist with furniture in all black and white, still others are quirky and colorful, full of life.

One day I’d love to redo the inside of my house. I imagine staying in one of these homes will give me the inspiration to start a new home improvement project.

Though the sign-up process may sound like a lot of trouble, if selected, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with your pick of some spectacular homes. Once you’re accepted, you can try Behomm for one year free. Full membership requires paying either 95 euros for one year (a little over $109) or 170 euros ($196) for two years. (On a side note, for those parents with children, Kid & Coe recently launched their own exchange program.







More information can be found on NY Times.


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