April 7 2016

Photo Editing with VSCO and Lightroom

Yesterday, I watched a video on Skillshare called Street Shots: Photographing Scale, Light and Colors by Steve Sweatpants. Though street photography intrigues me, I don’t think it’s my true calling. I am branching out, however, to multiple types of photography to learn what I can about each genre. In a section of the video, under Editing Tips, I found out that Steve uses VSCO film presets in Lightroom.

While most people know of VSCO because of their app, VSCO Cam, many photographers use VSCO Film, preset packs that emulate the look and feel of old school film cameras. I went to the VSCO homepage, found their store and then bought two of their preset packs, Film 01 and Film 02. Then, I started playing with my photos.

I went onto YouTube to find some good tutorials on how to use my VSCO film presets in Lightroom. This video, by Ray Roberts, was very helpful. Watch it below.

Yesterday, in front of our house, I took the picture, above, of Parker holding his newest and most coveted toy, a RC radio controlled speed boat racing set. This morning, I edited it. With a Kodak Porta 160 VS- preset, a little bit of grain and a smidgen of fade, the photo came out looking timeless.


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