March 29 2016

Open and Youth Competition Winners of the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

The world’s biggest photography competition, the Sony World Photography Awards, just announced the thirteen winners of their Open and Youth categories. In total, the 2016 awards received a record-breaking 230,103 submissions. The ten Open and three Youth winners were selected from a total of 103,005 entries. The overall Open and Youth Photographer of the Year will be announced on April 21. These winning images will be exhibited at London’s Somerset House from April 22 to May 8.

Looking at the winning images of photo competitions like this inspire me to keep pursuing photography. The Open competition is meant for photography enthusiasts, not professionals in the industry. The youngest winner in the whole competition is in Youth. Under the Environment category, Anais Stupka from Italy is just 12-years-old!

I’ll never tire of looking at photos. I feel blessed that I get to explore such a powerful and artistic medium.


Kei Nomiyama, Winner, Low Light, Japan, 2016


Alex Ingle, Winner, Smile, United Kingdom, 2016


Alexandre Meneghini, Winner, People, Brazil, 2016


Markus van Hauten, Winner, Panoramic Germany, 2016


Swee Choo Oh, Winner, Arts and Culture, Malaysia, 2016

It was one of those brisk wintery days in March 2015. Everyone was already tired of the long and tough winter here in the north east. Amazed by how clear the day was I took my Cessna above New York's restricted airspace, which gave me a full freedom to roam. The winds were quite strong that day with no haze and unlimited visibility. With a bit of planning (and luck) I was able to capture perfect shadow alignment along the avenues - I had only one chance to capture - they were shifting fast.

Filip Wolak, Winner, Architecture, Poland, 2016


Andrej Tarfila, Winner, Travel, Slovenia, 2016

Planned Obsolescence

Pedro Diaz Molins, Winner, Enhanced, Spain, 2016


Chaiyot Chanyam, Winner, Split Second, Thailand, 2016


Michaela Smidova, Winner, Nature & Wildlife, Czech Republic, 2016


Sepehr Jamshidi Fard, Winner, Culture, Iran, Islamic Republic of, 2016

Sarah, my sister, December 28th, 2015.

Sam Delaware, Winner, Portraiture, United States, 2016


Anais Stupka, Winner, Environment, Italy, 2016

Sony World Photography Awards website


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