March 28 2016

Hiking With the Dogs at Santa Rosa Plateau

This weekend was packed! A neighborhood couple threw a birthday party for their daughter on Saturday and my sister put on an Easter party on Sunday. Amidst it all, we found time to go on a hike. This time, we took our dogs, Charlie and Fozzie, with us. They loved exploring new territory. Though we had to watch out for bicyclers, overall we enjoyed being out in nature. Now that spring has arrived, everything is so green. I love it.

Parker decided he was now a “big boy” so he could take on the responsibility of holding Fozzie’s leash. Whenever Sam and I screamed “Bicycle!”, he’d quickly hand me the leash. Sam was a such a champ, he carried Logan and walked Charlie. I got to snap a few pictures of the experience. Loved the trees and rocks all around us.





Fozzie in search of a lizard. That dog is lightning quick.



I like how the trees look like they’re framing Sam and the kids.


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