March 28 2016

Easter Sunday 2016

Yesterday, my family celebrated Easter at my sister Carol’s house. Carol and her husband, Burt, put together a delicious spread that included lamb chops, prime rib, brussels sprouts, and honey baked ham. From lunch to dinner we just kept eating. Sam and I assembled 120 plastic eggs and then some of the kids hid them in the backyard. Half of the eggs were filled with chocolate and candy and the other half were filled with tattoos, balls and stamps. Overall, it was a fun time had by all. Here are some pics from the event.

Above: Parker decided to break into the loot early and take out all the balls.


Carol put together an Easter egg tree, with eggs that the kids decorated by hand. Reminded me of the smaller version of this guy’s.


These are the plastic eggs we hid around the backyard.


One of the adults attempting to hide Easter eggs in a birdhouse.


The spread. Doesn’t this look like a feast?


Parker, my bunny rabbit.


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