March 17 2016

For Love: My First Book Was Just Released!

Wow, March 15th was just two days ago and I forgot to post this news on that monumental day. My first book, which I co-authored with my brother (and co-founder of My Modern Met) was just released. Called For Love, 25 Heartwarming Celebrations of Humanity, it’s a feel good book that, through photos and words, tells incredible stories of people who performed magnificent feats in the name of love. From weddings in far off locations to shelter dogs, we’ll make you feel a wide range of emotions (hint: mostly happiness).

It’s weird to see words you’ve written on a computer now in actual print form. The book was seven years in the making, we culled stories we’d written about for that long to create it. The actual book making process was two to three years, which is still long. Finally it’s here, though, and in the hands of family, friends and fans of My Modern Met. Hope everyone enjoys it!

You can buy it now on Amazon.


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