February 25 2016

Superimposed Photos Show African Wildlife With Their Ravaged Habitats

Photographer Nick Brandt just came out with a powerful new photo series that captures the rapidly vanishing natural world of East Africa. Having taken photos of wildlife for ten years, he came back to the very same spots where the animals once inhabited to show how urban sprawl has taken over. Just three years ago, these places were filled with animals, who were free to roam at their own will. Now, factories and garbage dumps stand where animals like elephants, lions and rhinos once lived.

To create these photos, Brandt carefully matched up the composition of the original photo with the contours of the land. You can see how each animal blends into the background but now, how all around them, stands a virtual wasteland.

Animals in Africa desperately need people like Brandt “to visually document their plight for survival, share their stories and hopefully inspire policy change that will help save them from extinction,” said Alexandra Garcia, executive director of International League of Conservation Photographers in Washington, D.C.

The series, called Inherit the Dust, will be on exhibition at Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles starting March 24.









More photos can be found at Fahey/Klein Gallery. You can read more about this series at the Los Angeles Times.


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