February 23 2016

New Video of Simon Beck and His Magnificent Murals in the Snow

Remember artist Simon Beck? His name might sound familiar to you. Beck creates these magnificent murals in the snow solely by walking. (See 2012 article.) While I’ve seen many images of his amazing works, this is the first time I’ve actually watched a video of him in the process of creating.

Great Big Story, a company who’s dedicated to telling the stories of the untold, the overlooked and the flat-out amazing, just released this new video of Beck himself. As they explain:

“Two hours measuring; eight hours of work…For Simon Beck, the average snow mural consists of 40,000 steps (or the rough equivalent of a long day’s walk in the hills).

“It started as an alternative to hiking up a mountain, but gradually the activity began consuming Beck’s life.

“Great Big Story took to the skies over Powder Mountain Resort in Utah for a big-picture look at Beck’s recent work. The scale and grandeur of it was amazing…”

Below, check out some images of Beck’s recent work and then watch the video below to get to know the artist and his unbelievable work.




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