February 16 2016

Adorable Family of Owls Painting by Tiffany Bozic

San Francisco-based artist Tiffany Bozic created this adorable painting of three owls resting on a pyramid of golden four leaf clover. It is called Triangle of Love. Look closely and you’ll see a delicate glistening string threading them together. This is meant to symbolize the universal and unconditional familial bond between mother, father and child. I found the charming work by way of Juxtapoz magazine, this piece landed on the front page cover of their March 2016 issue.

Bozic is opening a solo show at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery starting on March 17 and running until April 16, 2016. The Animal in Us will feature eight new works that focus on the connection between humans and animals. Bozic grew up in rural Arkansas where she witnessed, firsthand, animals’ cycle of life. Married to an ornithologist, she often accompanies her husband on expeditions to remote locations, which no less inspires her work.

I love collecting anything to do with owls so this piece speaks to my heart!

Triangle of Love


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