January 12 2016

New Book Captures Fairy Tale-Like Scenes From the Brothers Grimm

Though it may be hard to believe, these fairy tale-like scenes actually exist! Over the course of a year, photographer Kilian Schönberger traversed 45,000 miles throughout the Germany countryside to find places inspired by old fairy tales like those collected by the Brothers Grimm. The German storytellers made popular such classic stories as Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. They didn’t actually write the fairy tales, the stories existed long before the two men existed. They were a part of rich oral tradition that was passed down from generation to generation. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm made it their mission to save the stories from extinction by publishing them as part of a collection titled Nursery and Household Tales, or what is now referred to as Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Schönberger has now collected his dream-like photos in a new coffee table book called Sagenhaftes Deutschland (Fabulous Germany). As he states, “This book sums up what started as the ‘Brothers Grimm’s Homeland’ project over a year ago. Printed on paper the photos become even more related to the old fairy tales. It’s like a visual stroll through the images we had on our mind while listening to these old stories during our childhood.”

Here we encounter breathtaking scenes of green moss covered rocks, sinuous trees, and grand castles peeping over layers of dense fog. While viewing these photos, one can’t help but be transported back to our own childhood and all the wonder we felt when we listened to or watched folk or fairy tale stories.

You can now buy the 240 page book over on Amazon.











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