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March 23 2017

Christian Louboutin’s Hottest Shoe

From what I can gather, these shoes are so “hot” they’re (almost) sold out everywhere! Called the ‘Victorina’ Flame Topline Pointy Toe Pump, they feature red hot flames towards the top of the shoe. As Nordstrom describes: “A cutout topline evokes fiery flames on one of Christian Louboutin’s finest stiletto heels, set near-vertical to dramatically shape your gait into a jaw-dropping stride. The iconic red sole—born from a brush with red nail color—pops beneath the graceful curves.” Victoria Beckham donned the black version last October. Love!



Nordstrom’s website

March 23 2017

Fun Prints and Bright Colors by Mara Hoffman

I’m loving these bright and playful clothes by Mara Hoffman. The designer, who graduated from New York’s Parsons The New School for Design, started her own label in 2000.

As her website states: “Historically known for her signature prints and silhouettes, Hoffman’s compass today points toward simpler, textural pieces that accentuate the human form, highlighting powerful feminine aesthetics. Hoffman, both the company’s President and Creative Director, is a true, living embodiment of her designs, taking inspiration from her own travels around the world as well as the beauty in everyday experiences. Headquartered in New York City with her close-knit team, Hoffman strongly believes in mindful and conscious practices, which are at the crux of the company’s ethos.”

These clothes are from her Spring 2017 collection. The clothes are noticeably softer-looking than the vibrant prints and body conscious dresses she’s known for. As she told Vogue, “The root of the collection is still there. It’s still about celebrating joy and happiness and color, but it’s just reinterpreted and a little more refined.”









Vogue’s website

March 8 2017

Sneak Peek: Four Fashion Trends You’ll See in Spring/Summer ’18

Though on this blog we usually write about art, design or photography, there are times when we cover fashion. There’s definitely an artistic element to it. Above all creative disciplines, fashion trends change the quickest so it’s fun being a trendspotter, one that has their own imaginary crystal ball they can look into to decipher what everyone will be wearing tomorrow.

At this year’s LA Textile show, one of the seminars was called Women’s and Young Contemporary Trend Stories for Spring/Summer 2018. Presented by Melissa Moylan from Fashion Snoops, it showed four seasonal narratives that they predict will happen next year. Fashion Snoops is a creative platform that, for a membership fee of $1,250 per month, gives users access to their editor’s inspiration boards, trend webcasts, personal report feeds and trend alerts among other benefits.

This year, they talked about the trends we’re seeing right now: the deconstructed blouse, ruffles, fringe, and embroidery.

Next year you’re going to see four distinct looks. As a sneak peek, you can see them in visual form here. Do they resonate with you? Are you excited about any of them?




If you’re looking into going into the fashion industry, a trade show like LA Textile Show is a good place to start. They had three days of back to back seminars on everything from spotting trends to starting up your own business. You can also walk the showroom floor to see and feel the latest fabrics. If you want to go big, MAGIC in Las Vegas is one of the top trade shows in the world. It takes place two times a year, once in February and once in August.

Permission of images granted by Fashion Snoops.

February 24 2017

Fun Links of the Week

So it’s really happening! I’m attending the LA Textile Show next week to cover the latest trends in fashion. Also, I’ll be looking to find some inspiration in creating my own clothing line. I already have an idea of what particular piece I’m going to try to master, first, but we’ll see if life takes me elsewhere.

Since I’ve been looking for fashion and business inspiration, this week’s Fun Links of the Week will be devoted to those topics. (Plus, I’ll throw in some art.) I’ll see you on Thursday! Will try and keep you updated via Instagram.

This video on Refinery29 made me realize how pivotal some moments in your life can be.

Inspirational podcasts for business geeks. (I could listen to all of them.)

Metallic blue and red pom shoe? Let me give you my money. (Ahh! Sold out.)

There’s a 1,000-person waitlist for these sneakers.

Roy Choi is my hero! To restart your career at 38?! Nuts.

I think I need this chic mirror. (It’s affordable!)

Chriselle Lim can do no wrong. Check out those metallic boots.

Topshop sells this item every ten seconds.

The negative space mani? How interesting.

These lace-up leggings are cool/different.

I don’t think I can pull off the bomber jacket look, but if I could I’d sport this one. (Simple and pretty.)

Pink is in and so are ruffles. If I had all the money in the world I’d live in this.

W Magazine predicted the fashion trends that will be on display at the Oscars. Emma Stone in Chanel? Yes, please.

I’d love to have one of these ceramic succulents on my desk.

Pic: I want to peep my head into this. Photo by Tyrone Turner for the NY Times.

February 23 2017

When Plans Dramatically Change

So, last evening, I was all pumped up to go to Vegas to attend the MAGIC fashion trade show. Then, we had a last minute family emergency come up and I had to stick around. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed but I did some more research and found out that the LA Textile show is happening next week in downtown Los Angeles. It starts Monday! I’m going as press on behalf of My Modern Met.

Excited to share with you this good news! I’ll still be in tomorrow but I will be off this blog Monday through Wednesday.

The dream is still alive! Not only do I hope to bring to the readers of My Modern Met the latest trends in the fashion world, I hope I will be able to make the right connections to make that perfect one “thing.” (Yes, I’m still leaving you in suspense.) This photo represents the fact that sometimes, you really do have to bend over backwards.

Photo: Steven Pan

February 22 2017

My New Foray into Fashion

Lately, you’ve been seeing a lot of style posts from me. I can’t say I’ve always been into fashion. It was only, just recently, that I found the whole fashion industry interesting. I love spotting trends and I love the artistic element in it like the stunning sparkly dresses we saw at Chanel or the beautiful flower embroidery at Gucci.

A few months ago, I had this idea to start a clothing line based on one item of clothing. I started spotting it everywhere. I own 20 pairs of it yet I don’t love any of them. I researched it and found out that the market for it is booming. Now, I’ll leave you in suspense. What fun would that be if I told you the whole story?

Not sure what to do next, yesterday, during lunch, I asked my mother-in-law and father-in-law for their advice. They said to check out a trade show. I hurried back to my desk and looked up fashion trade shows. It just so happens that one of the top shows is going on right now in Las Vegas.

So where am I going to tonight? MAGIC in Vegas! Let’s pursue this dream. Let’s see where it goes. Will I meet the right people? Can a girl with an far-fetched dream turn it into a reality? Who knows! Wish me luck.

February 21 2017

Trend: The Prettiest Color Combination, Pink and Red

I’ve been reading about all the fashion trends we’re about to see in Spring and one thing that keeps coming up is the color pink. You know, that overly “pretty” color that’s all girlie. This time, however, it’s got an edge. It’s shockingly bright, ultra feminine (with ruffles) or it’s paired with an unexpected color like red. I love that color combination. It’s a bit “Valentine’s-y” but it comes off very fresh. Even with socks and shoes it’s cute. Here are some examples.

ATTICO Gabriela two-tone satin wrap dress

Image credit: Jane McLeish-Kelsey, “Isn’t She Lovely”

via Pinterest

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February 13 2017

Trend: Pretty Ruffles Clothing by Self-Portrait

Lately, I’ve been sort of a style kick. You’ll have to excuse me but most of my posts these days are dealing with clothes. One can find a lot of visual inspiration through fashion, trends come and go, it’s fun to see which ones stick. One of the trends I’ve been seeing lately (that I’m loving) is ruffles. Aimee Song of @songofstyle just sported a beautiful black and white ruffle top, but she didn’t state where it came from. After some digging, I think I figured it out – it’s from fashion brand Self-Portrait. Perhaps Song got a custom made top of the design seen above?

Whatever the case, here are some more clothes with ruffles from Self-Portrait.

Here’s how Neiman Marcus describes the brand: “The emerging London-based brand Self-Portrait has impressed style aficionados with its subtle, feminine, and contemporary designs that are luxurious yet accessible. Founded by Malaysian-born designer Han Chong, the brand produces beautiful designer dresses that are ideal for social events and parties.”





Self-Portrait at Neiman Marcus

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