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May 22 2017

Body Painter Creates Unique Art Inspired by Depeche Mode Albums

If you’re a Depeche mode fan, you will really appreciate this. A body painter that goes by the name of Pashur House recently recreated the looks of Depeche Mode covers using a model painted in black. Click each album cover title to see how he referenced each album. I love the Violator one! These are fantastic. You can see more of them on the Depeche Mode Facebook fan page.

This is part of an ingenious marketing campaign. In order to get the word out of their latest album, Spirit, Depeche Mode let their fans take over their Facebook page for a whole year (that’s a full 365 days). They vetted everyone who applied. The band recruited hundreds of curators from their diverse fan base, which means they chose one curator per day for 365 days. Read more about the people behind this marketing campaign, here.

Can you believe that the band has been around for more than 30 years? Wow, I feel old.

Above: “As a body painter, I have always wanted to create a series of artistic Depeche Mode inspired body paint images – that are both iconic and beautiful. I wanted to combine the sleek, iconic look of the “Violator” album cover and the sexiness of Anton Corbijn’s photo of the nude model that posed on the “Personal Jesus” single. To achieve this I took iconic elements from each of the Depeche Mode album covers, painted them in vibrant colors, and in contrast had a model painted completely black pose with each one. So this is my artistic representation of my favorite band through my favorite art form.”

How appropriate that their first album features a nest, the first creation of an incredible band! I really love every single song on this album, and really enjoyed creating this image because of it. Building a nest is a bit trickier than I expected, I have new found respect for birds now, lol. I loved the wildness of this look, and really enjoyed trying to capture the feel of the cover.”

My favorite of their more recent albums. I love every song on this album. My favorite song on this album is “Lillian”. What’s your favorite song on Playing the Angel?”

My favorite songs on this album are “Jezebel” and “In Sympathy”, two totally different themes and I love them both! The abstract look of the album cover was voted one of the top 10 in 2009, and one of my favorites to put my own spin on.

May 19 2017

Fun Links of the Week

How was your week? Did I tell you we’re in the process of buying a house? It’s stressful but exciting! Think we found the right one. More to come.

12 Lessons From the 100 Most Creative People in 2017

I love these modern loafers in black and brown. (Apparently, Angelina Jolie is a fan, too.)

Who wants to visit this rainbow village? (Me!)

Pink is everywhere, even in art.

I can’t get over how pretty this new hotel bar’s rainbow art.

How cool would it be to plunk one of these houses down in the middle of nature?

He’s one of my favorite illustrators. This is a new interview with him. Just bought his book.

Who doesn’t remember library cards? I want these pillows.

Katy Perry pulled off an art prank? She’s cool.

Photo: This Jean-Michel Basquiat painting of a giant skull from 1982 just sold for a jaw-dropping $110.5 million, the most ever paid at auction for a work by an American artist. Crazy, huh?

May 18 2017

Refinery29’s Cofounder Talks About Courageous Creativity

Years ago, in Los Angeles, I attended a Creative Mornings session. For those of you who are not familiar with Creative Mornings, they can best be described as breakfast lecture series for the creative community. The idea was founded by one of my biggest sources of inspiration, Swiss Miss, aka Tina Roth Eisenberg. Recently, a cofounder of one my go-to websites, Refinery29, was on. I love watching creative, high spirited, ambitious women tell their stories. Piera Gelardi is both entertaining to watch and inspirational. They fact that her company pulled off the art and fashion funhouse, 29Rooms, boggles my mind. Watch the video till the end to see how that creative idea came together.

May 9 2017

The Most Beautiful Braid

Today, I was taken aback by this beautiful braid! My friend Jenny pointed me to this Los Angeles-based company called The Braids Factory that helps you achieve the braid of your dreams. The woman behind it is freelance hair stylist Anastasiia Terebova.

This one is called the Dutch pancake crown braid. With all that lovely, pastel colored hair, isn’t the braid just beautiful? It’s like a work of art! Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

May 5 2017

Fun Links of the Week

Sorry I haven’t been too consistent with posting lately. Been working on a super secret business project that combines my love for typography with my newfound passion for fashion. (Have I said too much?)

Here are your Fun Links of the Week:

Can we all just take a moment and stare at this stunning skirt? (While we’re at it, let’s take a look at Prada’s fanciful clothes.)

I’d proudly wear this pin.

You probably could DIY this show-stopping brooch.

Would you let the Amazon Echo help you with your style?

Love the plunging neckline.

Can’t wait for Season 2! We have to wait till Oct. 31?!

This modular planting system is stackable, streamlined, and beautifully functional.

No one could have captured President Obama better.

What do you think about digital minimalism?

Aldo’s new website is clean and easy to use. With a prominent display of social media, could be the cutting-edge way to sell products.

Simple print, sweet message.

Yes, I’d still like to check this fun museum.

Photos by Jennifer Chong via Design Milk.

April 28 2017

Fun Links of the Week

What are you up to this weekend? I’m taking a half day today because I’m coloring and cutting my hair. Going back to metallic pink (or rose gold) and then taking some inches off the bottom. Here’s what I’m going for.

Now let’s get into the fun links of the week.

Can’t get enough of millenial pink. In fact, this is how I’d like to decorate my office.

These red fringe sandals just seem fun.

French door showers? Yes, please!

It would be enlightening to take this class: USC Annenberg’s Improvisational Leadership. (Would definitely kick me out of my comfort zone.)

If I ever get to build my own house, I’m putting this in it.

Can you imagine if this was the future? How cool.

As decorations, I just want to keep these hand-painted planetary push pins on my desk.

White bag, rainbow strap. Just my style.

Visit the New York Botanical Garden right now for an art show you’ll never forget.

Families with babies and toddlers who we need their naps, this could be a godsend.

This museum looks like it was made for Instagrammers. Tickets are sold out through May but you can scoop some up for June and July.

Chance the Rapper, Muse, Lorde, Kaskade. Vegas, anyone?

“What I’ve found is more important to me is living true to my authentic self, understanding what really motivates me, and knowing that comparison really is the killer of joy.” 5 Habits R29’s Creative Director Swears By.

Can Pharrell influence men to wear fashionable bags?

This new tv series looks relevant and interesting.

I wish I could see this stained glass mural myself.

Image: Dezeen

April 26 2017

Masterpiece Paintings Become Beautiful Wallpaper Murals

For all you classic art lovers out there, Murals Wallpaper just came out with a new series of wallpaper. They’ve taken some of our favorite paintings, like Van Gough’s Starry Night and Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, and turned them into murals! How great would it be to wake up each morning and see your favorite art across a whole wall? The bedroom would be perfect for Starry Night and the dining area would look spectacular with The Kiss.

From their website: “Featuring works by celebrated artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Charles Seurat and Claude Monet, this elegant Murals Wallpaper collection lets you bring home your favourite gallery-worthy piece and get creative with a wall in any modern bedroom, dining room or study.

“The murals, sold by Murals Wallpaper, utilise modern digital printing techniques that capture each brushstroke in HD on the highest quality, textured paper. The prints can be hung just like normal wallpaper, but allow for a much bigger impact.”

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss

Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

Hokusai Katsushika’s The Great Wave

Hokusai Katsushika’s The Great Wave

Vincent Van Gogh’s Branches with Almond Blossom

Vincent Van Gogh’s Branches with Almond Blossom

Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Murals Wallpaper

April 25 2017

10 Bold Examples of Statement Jewelry

Lately, I’ve been seeing this trend: statement jewelry. Forget the dainty earrings, go for something bold. I love jewelry with a lot of pizzazz, so today, I’m picking out 10 pieces I’d love to scoop up myself. Best thing about statement jewelry is that you can keep the rest of your outfit minimal, you just let the jewelry do all the talking.

Above: Patina Crescent Hoops by Sibilia at Free People

Five-Strand Purple Agate & Pink Jade Necklace


Rebecca Minkoff Palm Tassel Hoop Earrings


Beaded Statement Choker by Cristabelle

Beaded Statement Necklace by Laurent Ralph Lauren


Runa Jewelry Harness White Sapphire Ring by Runa Jewelry

Magnolia Necklace by Oscar de la Renta

Geometric necklace by Doury Accessories

Torsade Statement Necklace by ABS

Pavé Rose Statement Necklace by Kate Spade

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