April 12 2017

Fun Links of the Week

Logan got super sick last night, he spiked a 102.3 fever and he has a bad sore throat so I’m going to be staying at home with him for the next few days. No posts from me until Monday. This week, I’ve been collecting a few fun links though, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Do you think you could swim in this crazy pool? That view!

Domino rounds up the best design blogs of 2017.

As a parent, this video is what I needed to see today.

Fortune just came out with a list of the 30 top influencers who are making a killing on social media. (Yay for Bri Emery at Design Love Fest.)

Loving this 60’s trend that’s back.

I’m excited about this new fashion book. Lots of great eye candy.

I can’t help but like her. She just seems so real.

Currently loving the mirrored sunglasses look.

How cute is this cat crossover bag?

See you next week!


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