March 9 2017

Two Eye-Catching Figurines at Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2017

You can always count on the art event, Sculpture by the Sea, to deliver some cool sculptures. Each March, Australia’s iconic Cottesloe Beach transforms into an outdoor sculpture park where you can see over 70 works from local and international artists. This year, there were two figurines that caught my eye.

The one above, by artist Alessandra Rossi is called Untitled Coral (aqua). Love how this girl was created in different shades of blue, which match the sky and the ocean. The meaning? Alessandra Rossi’s haunting, figurative sculpture “grapples with modern issues of identity, functioning as a metaphor for the patination and discoloration of emotion engendered by the digital era.”

The one below, by Zadok Ben-David, is titled Big Boy. It was created using stainless-steel. Doesn’t it make you do a double take? As the artist states, “I saw a boy in the street. I took a picture of him. I created a shadow. It was partly experimenting, trying to retain that sense of a flat image; then adding another dimension to create a kind of illusion. It was one of only a few figures from the installation I enlarged, in this case to about 51/2m.”


Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe is staged on Perth’s stunning Cottesloe Beach from March 3rd to March 19th 2017. If you’re living in western Australia, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t see this!


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