March 7 2023

5 Awesome Ways Reading Makes You Smarter

You know I love a good book. But up until now, I wasn’t quite sure how reading made you smarter. Sure you acquire knowledge from books but what are the other benefits? After digging around a bit, here’s what I found.

Number one, reading leads to improved memory and thinking skills: Regular reading has been proven to improve memory recall, concentration and decision making. Regular reading increases gray matter in areas of the brain responsible for language processing and emotional control.

Second, Reading can increase connectivity in the brain’s language centers, leading to improved skills in communication and writing. This means that immersing yourself in literature can lead to better verbal expression and fluency when speaking.

Third, people who read more tend to be more emotionally intelligent. This form of intelligence involves understanding people’s emotions and being able to use those feelings constructively – something essential for developing relationships with others.

Fourth is that reading develops creativity. Reading helps stimulate creative thinking and encourages us to think outside the box. As we read different texts, it allows our brains to explore various perspectives which can help develop new ideas.

And finally – reading builds important skills like critical thinking. People who read more books are better at problem solving, analytical thinking and decision making than those who don’t read.

Time to pick up a book!


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